HRD India | Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Business Driver

Why our social responsibilities are important and their alignment to our business strategy:

Although we are a private business, we believe that we have an important part to play in the local community ant that we treat our external stakeholders in a respectful manner. This enables us to give something back and help make a positive contribution.
This encompasses a wide range of initiatives (which will be detailed below) and serves several purposes.
·         Assisting in the local community.
·         Reducing our environmental impact / carbon footprint.
·         Reducing our expenditure on energy costs.
·         Enhances team building within the company.
·         Raising the profile of the company within the local business community.
·         Assisting in our marketing campaign.
We find that consciously focusing on our CSR initiative brings great benefits, both internally and externally. A lot of our work in this area could not be achieved without the backing of the staff and it is pleasing that they are happy to get involved.

The Environmental Solution

What HR Consultancy are doing to reduce our organisation’s environmental impact:

HR Consultancy recognises environmental protection as one of our guiding principles and a key component of sound business performance. We are committed to providing a quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimises our potential impact on the environment. Specific initiatives we have implemented include:

·         Transferring our server solution from on-site servers to a cloud based solution – thereby reducing our electricity consumption.
·         Introducing recycling bins into the office. Materials recycled include paper, plastics, tins and glass.
·         Encouraging usage of the company’s Ride to Work scheme that allows employees to purchase bicycles at reduced cost.
·         Integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our decision making and activities.
·         Implementing measures designed to reduce the amount of unnecessary printing.
·         Promoting environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Community Solution

How we are contributing to the community/ies in which HR Consultancy operates:

HR Consultancy has for several years committed to raising awareness and funds for a selected number of causes by means of activities organised by our employees. We have increased our support in this area over the past couple of years and find that we perform at our best when we set specific annual objectives. Charities we have supported include:

·         Erskine
·         The Accord Hospice in Paisley
·         Children 1st
·         The Prince’s Trust

Fundraising takes place via a wide range of initiatives ranging from monthly bake sales and dress down days to larger events such as fund raising quizzes and discos. Last year we raised over £5000 across the various ventures.

This year we have partnered with the Prince’s Trust as our chosen charity. As a recruitment consultancy, we believe that we can assist the Prince’s Trust in more ways than simply fund raising – one of our community ventures is to give career’s guidance to school leavers. This assistance has been well received by the schools and pupils whom we have taken the time to help.

The ‘Market Place’ Solution

How HR Consultancy acts as an ethical organization:

As a professional services company aiming to deliver a quality product to our clients, we firmly believe that we should align ourselves with suppliers who are of a similarly high ethical standing in the community. Our belief is that the behaviours and standards of our suppliers reflect upon us and other stakeholders’ views of ourselves. We also prefer to align ourselves with partners in the supply chain on a longer term basis and to this effect we find that companies of a sound ethical footing are more likely to be of a similar mind-set.
As a result, potential and existing suppliers are vetted for their integrity to ensure that high standards are maintained. Although there are limitations to how far we can check, procedures we implement include:
·         Credit checking potential suppliers
·         Reviewing any negative feedback that we may read of in the local press.

The Employer Solution

Our ethical employment solution:

HR Consultancy recognises its talented and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage. Our business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people. As a company, we are therefore committed to seeking out and retaining the finest human talent to ensure top business growth and performance.

In practical terms this means that we are fully committed to recruiting and developing individuals who will be able contribute to the success of the company. Our recruitment policy is based on ability to perform the job, with development and promotion being similarly based upon an individual’s ability and results. We recognise that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics to their work. We value such diversity at all levels of the company in all that we do.

As part of our annual appraisal process, we identify training needs for all members of staff, ensuring that the process encompasses everyone in the company. Managers are trained accordingly to ensure that all staff are appraised on an equal basis.

We operate an employee suggestion box ensuring that our staff are able to contribute their ideas with anonymity if they would prefer.

Managing diversity makes us more creative, flexible, productive and competitive.

The Example of Excellence

We HR Consultancy considers best practice:

As part of our fund raising plans, we organised and held a charity pub quiz in April of last year. We invited a wide range of our client base to support us in this initiative, with many of our contacts also being generous enough to donate raffle prizes.
The theme for the evening was France and all things French as we were raising funds in conjunction with a planned London to Paris charity cycle. Accordingly the venue was decked in French bunting decorations with the staff members dressed in an appropriately French manner.
We decided that in order for it to be as successful as possible we needed to make the evening as entertaining as possible, again in line with our company ethos of delivery a high a quality of service. The evening also gave us a chance to showcase the talents within the company in a public setting. So in addition to the quiz itself, the evening’s entertainment package included:
·         A solo cabaret singer
·         A troupe of burlesque dancers
·         A grand finale company song
·         A free bar
Overall the evening was a massive success for several reasons:
1.    First and foremost, we managed to raise over £2800 for our chosen charity – The Accord Hospice. We were able to raise funds via several methods, including a raffle and an auction of the bigger prizes.
2.    We helped raise the profile of the Accord Hospice.
3.    We provided an excellent night’s entertainment for the guests who attended. The feedback we received was very positive and well received.
4.    It was enormously beneficial from a team building point of view.
Given the positive feedback we received both internally and externally, we have decided to make this an annual event with the next quiz being held in early May of this year. Many of the clients who attended last year are looking to return so we are hopeful that the coming event will be an even bigger success than 2013s.
We have chosen this example for our submission as we believe it encompassed the aims as stated above and because a lot of effort went into making it as successful as it was. Even the planning process was of benefit with key skills such as project planning being implemented.